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Total Immersion Foundation
Fundacja Pełne Zanurzenie (Total Immersion Foundation) was founded in 2016. The aim of the organization is to support and promote new forms of audio-visual storytelling in Poland and abroad. We work with audio-visual storytelling formats that employ digital and interactive technologies, multiple platforms and tools (trans-media, cross-media), and that draw on viewer’s activity (interactions online participation and online participation). The Foundation fosters and promotes phenomena such as interactive documentary and film, immersive theatre, Alternate Reality Games, computer and video games, projects that use Augmented or Virtual Reality, Internet of Things.

The team

Katarzyna Boratyn
Anna Desponds
Marcin Marczyk

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collaboration: Alina Piekarz, Magdalena Terajewicz, website: Michał Szota, design: Magdalena Heliasz/Print Control, photo: Kamila Szuba, proofreading: Małgorzata Wilhelm, social media: Ewa Dyszlewicz, initial lab concept developed in collaboration with: Britta Senn, Frederic Dubois