DIGITAL STORIES LAB. Breaking out of the bubble is a 2-day Central European meeting of audio-visual storytellers seeking innovative forms of narratives and employing the use of digital media and interactive technologies in the era of fake news and algorithmic media.

In the time of fake news, populist surge and data mining scandals, terms such as “truth” or “objective information” seem to stand for an old and forgotten world. These terms are oddities in a realm where information ownership is power. The social agreement based on trust invested in those who deliver the news had vanished, being replaced by the naïve belief in algorithms and personalized content. Billions of mobile devices are used every day to share information, but paradoxically the popularity of social media has had no impact on the public’s awareness of how easily content gets manipulated. No surprise then that we are now facing a democracy crisis inspired by social media bubbles and politically paid internet trolls.

How to use the web and interactive technologies as tools that foster an open society? How to use algorithms to tell stories? How to deal with disinformation and how to incorporate it into the creative process? What is the design process behind creating stories that break the bubble of social media fakes? Is it possible to increase the impact of the story so that it goes viral?

DIGITAL STORIES LAB will focus on digital works that shift boundaries of narrative and visual arts through the use of interaction, immersion and community-based creation of content. Together with international experts, participants will explore topics of fake news, social media bubbles and ways of avoiding algorithmic traps. Spanning two days, the event will include inspiring lectures, workshops and networking opportunities.

DIGITAL STORIES LAB will be held in the course of Watch Docs International Film Festival – one of the two biggest film events dedicated to human rights in the world. After the workshops, stay in Warsaw to enjoy the film screenings.

Why should you join?

DIGITAL STORIES LAB aims to enable European makers interested in innovative storytelling to improve their knowledge, skills and creativity in creating stories in a world of fake news and algorithmic bubbles.

Envisioned as a trans-partisan, international and challenging event, DIGITAL STORIES LAB’s purpose is exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience, presentation of innovative digital tools and above all – establishing a European network of creatives interested in the use of innovative communication and storytelling tools and the new media. Our main objective is also to promote new forms of storytelling and contribute to building a civil society through the use of digital culture and modern media.

What will we do?

Activities during Digital Stories Lab are divided into 3 modules:

Workshops – hands-on group sessions led by audio-visual specialists from diverse fields including design process, prototyping, interactive storytelling, algorithmic media

Presentations and discussions – case studies on latest and most interesting projects created in Europe that employ open-source digital interactive technologies to engage the audience, use unconventional processes that attract users all over the world and explore the subject of social media bubbles; discussions on the topics of misinformation, algorithms and social media bubbles in the context of open society values and threats

Networking activities – enabling workshop participants to connect with experts and one another as well as to interact with representatives of Polish audio-visual sector, digital media and interactive scene.


Spanning over two days, DIGITAL STORIES LAB will consist of 3-4 hour workshops with a number of mentors. During three hands-on sessions you will gain insights into different digital tools for storytelling, such as creating in Twine, exploring collaborative visual design and project prototyping techniques. Working in diverse groups, you will be able to collaborate with fellow creators from other countries. To kick off the day, you will join discussions on the most burning critical issues in a digital society – human rights, the dark power of technology and information as a tool of power. During the evening meet-ups you will have a chance to find out more about selected projects from transmedia and multimedia creators and to talk to like-minded artists, journalists, filmmakers, developers and writers.

Where and when?

6th – 7th December 2018 (Starting in the morning of December 6 and ending in the afternoon of December 7), Warsaw

How to apply?

Application deadline is November 10th, 2018. Find out more.


Warsztat Warszawski, Plac Konstytucji 4, Warsaw


Total Immersion Foundation

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DIGITAL STORIES LAB. Media & democracy.