Last year, participants worked in 5 workshop groups:

Designing an impactful participatory doc
In this workshop, we will work on developing a concept for a participatory documentary, where digital technology is at the core, but other forms of media can join the party. The goal is to come up with a round and polished concept where not only the story and its format are glued together, but also where all participants (including the absent user) feel as if they were co-designers. The ambition is to have a concept strong enough to convince potential fund providers of the social and political impact of such a participatory doc.

Shadow Children. An odyssey through Europe
In the film (a work in progress) we follow a number of minor refugees during their journey through Europe and the obstacles they face on their way. Looking for a way out of poverty and war, the children (and their families) have put their trust on Europe, as it’s safe and beautiful, people are kind and respect human rights. But once on the other side, it turns out that these do not apply.
The interactive format offers the chance to dive deeper into the questions that arise from the movie. It can function as a follow-up (where are they now?), as a conversation starter (Who is responsible for the fate of these children?), and a call to action (What can I do?). In the workshop we will explore the different routes, forms and concepts for the interactive application.

Building Immersive and Interactive Narratives
Participants will learn how to incorporate audiences within the narrative by creating inclusive and accessible stories that will provide room for exploration and interaction with subjects. This method ensures greater coalition from audiences whose investment will be rewarded with a true sense of agency in the story and the capability to affect real change and impact not solely on the narrative but on the subject itself.

Your quick and dirty workshop on digital storytelling with meaning
This workshop is perfect for those wishing to gain personal insights on the process of digital storytelling creation from A to Z. With methods from design thinking to project-pain-management, we talk about the dos and the don’ts as well as the beautiful exceptions to the rule when developing a concept. You will experience interdisciplinary teamwork, try out practical methods and tools for digital projects and enjoy the dynamics of shared creativity on topics that matter.

Multimedia narratives in the age of digital journalism
This workshop provides an overview of multimedia storytelling while engaging participants in both hands-on activities as well as in discussion on new models of storytelling techniques and technologies. Participants will be presented with examples of successful projects and will be asked to create a prototype of their own story with the help of the mentors. In the course of the workshop, we will explain and go through pre-production, production and post-production stages. Participants will learn how to think in terms of the project and „user-friendliness“, how to write a script, prepare visuals (mojo, stills, videos, graphics, drawings…) and text, integrate different elements into a single story-frame, build non-linear narrative forms, and more. Participants will also be given hints and leads on how to improve reporting techniques and create interactive projects.


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